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Desktop Coil Winder

Desktop Coil Winder 

The Desktop Winders mission is to provide the lowest cost mandrel coil winder available, allowing basic coil winding with superior results. The systems size and weight were designed for a standard 48” Desktop allowing up to 22” long winds. This new system will accept up to DIN 100 spools of wire and is available with adjustable Filament Tension control.       

This Winder is capable of spooling DIN 100 size Bulk filament under tension control using an adjustable Drag Brake (5 – 200g) design. This Winder was developed for simple, easy to use operation. Input parameters such as coil length and pitch are all that’s needed. Using this simple concept, multi pitch and multi-layer coils are easily produced. Input is via a color alpha-numeric touch screen display. Simple and easy to use with minimum floor space and cost. What’s not to like! Sheet – Desktop Coil Winder (viewable with Acrobat Reader available here)

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