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Dual Catheter Laminator


This machine uses recirculated hot air to shrink plastic tubing down to a minimal diameter for the production of catheters. Two catheters can be processed at once using one heating chamber.


The flexible programming capabilities enable the machine to laminate anything that can be held by the mount collets but catheters are the primary products.

Design Highlights:

The precise control of process variables is increasingly important as product specifications become more complex. Programmable temperature and variable speeds enable the shrinking of tubing up to the temperature limit of the material specifications. The unique use of a patented hot air recirculation process minimizes heat loss while maintaining a precise temperature. This is a non-contact process meaning the machine does not touch the tubing or the finished product. Programmable temperature offsets allow calibration. The Dual Laminator has a shorter stroke and uses only one chamber to reduce the cost over the standard laminator with two chambers and four process areas.


This vertical machine is smaller than the standard lamination machine and the two shrink areas operate in parallel so the production for a given floor space is maximized. This machine takes less space than a horizontal laminator and eliminates the complex tension controls as tensioning is accomplished with fixed weights. By improving the accuracy of all controlled parameters, this machine can increase productivity through reduced rejects and faster processing speeds. The programming is flexible to allow new products to be made with the same machine. With the availability of better technology, product designers are finding they can build better devices. Sheet (viewable with Acrobat Reader available here)

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