Leading manufacturer of micro-coil winders and catheter laminators for the Medical Device Industry.
Double Vision Coil Winder

Double Vision Coil Winder

• Our most popular Mandrel Winding machine.

• Two stacked heads that operate independently.

• Each head winds one filament onto the spinning mandrel to create a coil.

• Vision angle control is included (vision monitor on top)

Open Quad Catheter Laminator

Open Quad Catheter Laminator

• Uses recirculated hot air to shrink thermoplastic tubing down.

• Four catheters can be processed at once using two heating chambers.

• Laminating rates of 10 times that of competitors.

• Enclosed or open chamber options.

Multi Filar Coil Winder

Multi Filar Coil Winder

• Same features as Double Vision Coil Winder +

• Modular design to allow up to 6 filament dispense unit per head.

• Manual filar brake for ease of set-up and removal of coils.

• Electronics moved to machine end for improved accessibility.

Winder and Laminator Options

Let us help you decide which components are best for your application.
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Braider Spooler News

Braider Respooler is now available as a method to reload Steeger or similar type bobbin spools.
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Coil Winding Machine Options

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Engineering By Design
Leading the Medical Machinery Industry Since 1985

Engineering By Design is one of the nation’s premier machine builders. We serve the medical industry with the highest levels of technology with a variety of patented machinery. Our devices deliver the highest performance, with environments that face extreme environments to companies that demand the highest levels of technology.


As a trusted developer of coil winding machines and patented catheter laminators, our catheter laminators have revolutionized medical production and we lead the industry in both precision and speed. A complete catalog of our machines is available via our product pages. You’ll find a collection of models at different prices to suit your budget and offer designs that exceed anything in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services today.

Engineering By Design competes on its ability to design, build, document, and support machines efficiently.

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Multi-filar Wind Head: Process & manufacturing – Machines of any type

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Spooling Unspooling machine


Double Spooler: All of our machines start out as one-off new designs.

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Full Packer machine

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From medical assembly to micro systems. We do it better.

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