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A Leader in the Manufacturing of Medical Devices

Founded in 1985, Engineering By Design (EBD), has successfully developed hundreds of machines, products, and medical devices used in a variety of industries. Our international presence in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Japan are proof that our medical devices offer global solutions for your machinery needs.

  • Standard Machines are compatible for 200-240V and 50/60 Hz power
  • Operator interface can be developed for metric, imperial (US) or a combination of units
  • Japanese and Spanish GUI translations and more
  • CE and ROHS certification available

“Recientemente adquirimos varias bobinadoras y enrolladoras de carrete de la compañía Engineering By Design, y los equipos son simplemente fenomenales.  La interfaz del usuario es fácil para navegar y modificar.  Nuestra aplicación requería que el equipo fuera lo más repetible y tuviera la más alta resolución para controlar variables de proceso que eran críticas.  EBD cumplió y excedió nuestros requisitos de diseño.  El equipo es muy confiable y su apoyo técnico lo es también.  Nuestra experiencia fue como si trabajáramos para la misma empresa.”
  – Luis B. – Ingeniero de Dispositivos Médicos

English Translation:
“We recently acquired several reel winders and reels from Engineering By Design, and the equipment is just phenomenal. The user interface is easy to navigate and modify. Our application required that the equipment be the most repeatable and had the highest resolution to control process variables that were critical. EBD met and exceeded our design requirements. The equipment is very reliable and its technical support is also reliable. Our experience was as if we worked for the same company.”
– Luis B. – Medical Devices Engineer

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