Efficiency by Design

Efficiency in Wire tensioning Systems, Equipment Design & Manufacturing

Our belief in efficiency is what sets us apart from any other wire tensioning manufacturer. Our process doesn’t take short cuts but rather looks at every part of the process to measure and ensure the utmost proficiency. This is why:

  • Experience gained through years of developing complex machines and processes is applied to new challenges. Our cutting-edge wire tensioning systems are developed from a web-handling concept, for example.
  • Engineering By Design uses the best available tools and we maintain backups and spares for most items. Maintaining excellent equipment means the project doesn’t stop because two people need the same tool, or it is broken.
  • Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have ready access to the best resources in the world. If a job calls for an Industrial Designer, we don’t make do without one, we call one-or-two.
  • Our projects are typically on time and budget because we follow strict procedures on how to perform our work. These procedures hold us accountable for everything we do. Because we work as a team, quality and productivity is an integral part of meeting our project goals.
  • The engineering process that Engineering By Design follows is unique. This strategic, multitasking approach dramatically reduces the length of time required to complete a project and ensures that requirements are met.

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