Engineering By Design

Dale Henson founded Engineering By Design (EBD) in 1985 after working as an Engineering Manager at Fairchild Semiconductor. Since then, we have successfully developed hundreds of machines and products used in a variety of industries. We also provide engineering and support services for everything from project management to establishing a technical organization.

Why choose us.

Our considerable years of experience will immediately steer you in the most efficient direction for your needs.  If someone else already makes what you need we will let you know. If you want something different or better give us a chance.

See our work.

Check out our products section for an idea of what we can do. Our machines have manufactured components for medical devices, gas detectors and computers just to name a few. There’s a good chance you have seen them in action.

Check our History.

We welcome potential clients to confer with our current and previous customers. We believe a good reference helps ease the decision process. You will find almost all of our products still in action providing a substantial Return on Investment.

Get in touch.

See our contact page. Please call us, email or just stop by if you have any questions about a potential product or design need. With our years of experience we can often help potential customers with their design with just a conversation.

Dale Henson:

President & Owner

  • 30+ years managing and designing various complex systems
  • Professional engineer, P.E. certified with a degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Responsible for day-to-day activities

Program Management

  • 40+ years setting and managing funding budgets and schedules in fast paced environments
  • Expertise include organization, “out of the box” thinking, documentation, cost effective engineering and schedule recovery


  • Well Versed in 2d and 3d CAD modeling. AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor and SolidWorks
  • Degreed Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
  • 40+ years of product design, development, documentation and program management
  • Proficient in all levels of documentation. Including and not limited to Bill of Material, Schematics, Assembly drawings and Manuals


  • Tool maker on staff for complex design consultation
  • All assembly personnel verse in machine operation and set-up
  • Supports product development thru final delivery
  • 40+ years experience in the industry
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