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From equipment manufacturing to machine support, EBD clients are consistently impressed of the quality and efficiency of our products. Whether it’s coil winding equipment, vision systems, or catheter laminators, our team takes pride in providing the very best machine solutions for a variety of industries.

When we went searching for a coil winding equipment manufacturer, we came across EBD. What set them apart from other choices was their machine’s super-fine tension control and their staff’s can-do attitude. Once the machines we ordered were complete, it was clear the EBD not only built a quality product, but fully understood the process the machine performed. They continue to add value with their expertise in coil winding. We have returned to EBD to buy machines over and over.

Ben H.

Medical Device Engineer

We recently acquired several winders and re-spoolers from Engineering By Design and the equipment is simply phenomenal. The user interface is easy to navigate and re-configure. Our application required high repeatability and high resolution on key process variables. EBD was able to deliver and exceed our expectations. The equipment is very reliable and so is their support. Our interaction felt like we were working for the same company.

Luis B.

Medical Device Engineer

We have several kinds of EBD equipment at our plant including Winders, Laminators, and Wire Formers. The design of each machine is excellent, and the modular nature of the equipment allows new orders to be customized to meet our specific manufacturing process needs. The control systems and software built into the equipment make it easy to configure manufacturing process steps, resulting in an effective and repeatable process. The machines have very little down time. On the occasions when technical support has been needed, EBD has proven to be very knowledgeable and responsive, leading to a speedy resolution of the issue.

Mark N.

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

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