Disk Biaser for Multiple Disk Drives

Disk Biaser for Multiple Disk Drives


Biases the individual discs of a multi-disc stack in different directions so that when they are fixed at the hub, the stack is balanced for vibration-free rotation.


Disc drive manufacturing industry. A disc drive base, with the motor and discs in place, is positioned onto the biaser. The operator flips a switch that activates closure of the protective lid while biasing tabs push the discs in two directions. After the discs are biased the operator tightens the screws in the hub and locks the discs in position.

Design Highlights

Handles 5 or 10 disc stacks associated with 3 ½ inch disc drives.


Reduces operator handling and associated contamination. Applies simultaneous pressure to all discs while maintaining accurate alignment. Repeatability of the process was greatly improved and the number of assemblies rejected during balance testing was reduced.


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