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Executive Package Deals

Executive Package Deals

Get everything you need in one of our low priced package deals from Engineering by Design. Packaging these pieces of equipment together allows us to provide you with the right combination for your production needs at the lowest possible price. These packages include two (2) of the critical components of the Catheter. The first being a Coil Winder that produces the body of the Catheter. This body can be a variety of lengths and diameters and tailored for a specific Catheter flexibility.  The second manufacturing component being the Laminator that shrinks a protective shield over the Catheter assembly. This also supports many lengths of Catheter assemblies.

Entry Level Package

This package includes our Benchtop Coil Winding Machine and Dual Catheter Laminator providing everything you need for simple catheter development and possibly low volume production. The Benchtop winder can support up to 90” coil winds. Filament Servo tension control can be included for multilayer and bi-directional coil winds. The Dual Catheter Laminator can laminate two (2) Catheter assemblies with shields simultaneously.

Complete Basic Package:
Benchtop Coil Winder and Dual Catheter Laminator

Production Level Package

This package includes our Double Vision Coil Winder and Enclosed Quad Catheter Laminator. With a Dual Head coil winder and Quad heater laminator for shrinking tube over the catheter assembly this package is high volume production ready. Vision also can be included on the Coil Winder to optimize closed or tight pitched winds. With closed looped filament tension and mandrel control the resultant coils are excellent.

Production Level Package:
Double Vision Coil Winder and Enclosed Quad Catheter Laminator

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Send us your specification and we will recommend the best solution for your needs. Note that being a premier machine design firm we can also customize a machine or package to your dream needs. Material Type, Production Rate, Process Configuration,  All you need to do is ask!

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