Engineering By Design is one of the nation’s premiere machine builders. We serve industries from medical to nuclear, from companies that face extreme environments to companies that demand the highest levels of technology.


Engineering By Design’s coil winding machines lead the industry in both precision and speed and our catheter laminators have revolutionized medical production. Head over to the products page to see a list of machines we have built. Contact us and ask why our designs are better than anything else in the industry. We offer various models at different price ranges, so finding the perfect machine is easy. Learn More


Multi-filar Wind Head: Process & manufacturing – Machines of any type.

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Double Spooler: All of our machines start out as one-off new designs.

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About Us

From medical assembly to micro systems. We do it better.

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Engineering By Design competes on its ability to design, build, document, and support machines efficiently.

We build quality custom machines.

Our machines are custom made to your specifications. We will meet with you to determine which machine design will be most cost effective, and achieves your goals.

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