Leadframe Equipment

Leadframe Equipment


The lead frame sheet is picked up by the sheet transfer rack (using vacuum) and raised up off the stack. The sheet is automatically transferred over the alignment pins of the shear drive and lowered onto the pins. As the lead frame sheet is lowered at the shear, the interleaf paper is grasped and both transfer racks move back up and over to the starting position. The sheet transfer rack lowers to pick up another sheet while the interleaf paper is stacked at the other end of the machine. The shear drive indexes the sheet past the blades and all of the leadframes are cut into strips.


This particular system is used in the leadframe manufacturing industry. The machine could be used wherever precise handling and cutting of sheet material using a fully automated system is required.

Design Highlights:

Use of a vacuum system to transfer sheets from one location to the next in a fully automated machine. PLC control and a combination of motor and pneumatic drives.


Reduced equipment cost as one machine performs many operations that in the past were performed by machine and assembly technicians.

graphic of large leadfram machine

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