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Underwater Motors

Underwater Motors

graphic of a mini eel gearmotor graphic of our eel gearmotor graphic of our turtle gearmotor


Mini Eel Gearmotors          |           Eel Gearmotors      |       Turtle Gearmotors

graphic of the barracuda gearmotor graphic of our orca gearmotor


Barracuda Gearmotors      |       Orca Gearmotors

Engineering by Design has developed a range of state of the art small underwater brushless gearmotors, actuators and resolvers designed specifically to meet pressure, underwater, radiation and other extreme environment conditions. Years of experience have resulted in a superior line capable of reliable performance in most extreme environments. Primarily using brushless servo technology in small, extreme environment packages makes this product line unique in the industry.
By analyzing the challenges of each environment, the trouble spots in the mechanics, the nature of the risks, and the relevant technologies, Engineering By Design applies advanced engineering, research, and experience to bear on the challenge.

Environmental Extremes

  • High/Low Temperature
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Underwater Robotics
  • High/Low Pressure
  • Nuclear Radiation
  • Remote Controls

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