Benchtop Coil Winding Machine

Benchtop Coil Winding Machine –

This little powerhouse is the latest in the Benchtop equipment series for the medical catheter industry. This Coil Winding Machine was specifically aimed at Research and development but performs just as well in a production environment. It can wind anything from medical catheters to heating elements. The design was based on our larger legacy winder system’s performance but with a substantial cost reduction. The size and weight of the standard version is suited for a typical 60″ benchtop with its standard traverse travel of 20″. Optional traverse lengths up to 96″ are available in the extended version. This system also can be obtained with a multitude of configurations allowing increased throughput and accuracy if desired.

The Benchtop Coil Winder is capable of spooling DIN 100 size Bulk filament under tension control. The modular options allow for tensions to be close loop controlled for light wire (5 – 200 grams) and heavier wire (80-500 grams), although the standard version using a Drag Brake could be all that’s needed. Mandrel tension is also manually adjustable for the standard version but automated is available. It all depends on what’s most important to you and your needs. This machine produces the same quality coils as our popular larger machines at a fraction of the cost.

Another favorite option is the coil development capability using multistep programming making the previous multi-process coil into one simple recipe. Input is via a color alpha-numeric touch screen display. Simple and easy to use with minimum floor space and cost. What a deal!

NEW: The Benchtop Winder now has the ability to monitor wind angle using an incorporated inspection camera. The operator can see the filament on the color monitor and can “bump” the pitch up/down to adjust winding angle. This allows winding tight-pitch coils that would normally require vision angle control like is available in production winders. Sheet – Benchtop Winder Standard Sheet – Benchtop Winder Extended
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