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Braider Respooler

Braider Respooler 

Based on the successful Bench Top Winder platform EBD now provides a Respooler for Braider Spools. Thus the end-user can now respooler their empty spools on the spot for minimum downtime. This machine has the capability of respooling up to 8 spools in a single machine sequence. Just set it up, start it, and walk away. This Respooling Machine was specifically aimed at Steeger spools but can be adapted for various braider machine spools. Using our Winder filament dispense the wire tension can be set and accurately controlled to provide a consistent wind under a user set tension. The Braider Respooler is capable of spooling DIN 100 size Bulk filament under said tension control. The modular options allow for tensions to be close loop controlled for light wire (5 – 200 grams) and heavier wire (80-500 grams). Also integrated into the design is an optical sensor that finds the spool edges for precise loading of the filament. Slight variations in the braider spools will be automatically accounted for in the process.

Just push the button and go. Save some money and reload your own spools with the nifty little respooler!

Braider Respooler Data Sheet
http://www.engineeringbydesign.com/images/pdficon.gifData Sheet (viewable with Acrobat Reader available here)

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