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Our coil winding machinery is developed specifically to wind micro coils for the medical industry. Medical coils tend to come in two classes: coils that are left in the body and coils that are part of the catheter used to perform a variety of intravascular tasks. Intravascular catheters and electrodes are the primary products but the ability to handle different tensions on each filar enable the machine to produce everything from motor coils to heating elements.

These winders feature combinations of menu-selectable variable and tight-pitch wind capability. All winding parameters are precisely controlled and the programmable wire tension can be controlled down to extremely low values. Single, Multi-filar, variable and continuous mandrel length, machine vision and other custom features are available. A photo of a variable pitch wind is shown below. The measurements are in mils (1 mil = .001 inch). To the right a picture of a coil is shown on the tip of Lincoln’s nose, on a penny, alongside a human hair at the right.

graphic of a variable pitch wind

graphic of a coil alongside a human hair


Typical Applications

Our customers typically wind medical coils in the range of .003″ diameter wire on a .010″ mandrel. Our coil winders can wind coils down to .0001″ diameter wire on a .010″ mandrel using our innovative closed-loop filar tension control system. The machine flexibility enables the filar tension to be recipe controlled from 5 grams to 600 grams during the entire wind. Overwraps are never an issue. The picture below reflects this technology from our modular multi-filar systems. Each multi-filar platform can produce catheter coils using one, all, or somewhere in between the filar heads, you define for your machine. The below picture exhibits a variable-pitch 4-Filar Micro coil next to a sewing needle on a postage stamp. Coils length and filar count are only limited by your facility floor space.

Micro coil next to a sewing needle on a postage stamp





The precise control of all process variables is increasingly important as the materials get smaller. Programmable wind tensions of less than 1 gram and wind angle accuracy of 1/4 degree require the use of control systems that were not previously associated with coil winding. The unique use of machine vision to measure wind angle without touching the filament and state-of-the-art control systems makes this the most precise machine ever. Our adjustable tailstock allows use of variable length mandrels. By improving the accuracy of all controlled parameters, this machine can increase productivity through reduced rejects and faster wind speeds. The programming is flexible to allow new products to be made with the same machine. With the availability of better technology, product designers are finding they can build better products.

Touch Screen Display

Our easy to use alpha-numeric color touch screen display with on-screen entry can program your coil recipe easily in multiple steps. Speed, Tension, Direction, Length and Pitch can all be selected for each step of the wind. On-the-fly recipe changes are accepted for all your development needs. The recipe entry menu allows up to 30 repeating combinations of any parameter and up to 250 recipes for selected use. Multiple access levels are supported by an admin key and pass codes to prevent inadvertent changes. In addition, each system can monitor max, min, mean and standard deviation of every variable for each wind. Our optional Data Acquisition System (DAC) can record in a CSV files and display up to 5,000 events with 25 variables over the length of the coil.

Read the Pitch and Diameter Accuracy Article for details about Engineering By Design’s coil winders that precisely control winding parameters when creating coils for catheters.

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