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Desktop Respooler

Desktop Respooler 

Facility space requirements will embrace this version of our Desktop Respooler. 50% the size of our current version this machine works well on a standard workbench environment. Easy to move and store. The system is capable of spooling DIN 125 size Bulk filament under tension control. The modular design allows for tensions to be controlled for light wire (5-80 grams) as well as stronger product wire (80 – 500 grams). The system also provides GUI teaching positions for spool being loaded. Thus the operator has full control when spooling, with line tension, spool area coverage, and length of line spooled. Like its bigger brother, the tension is controlled by a spring connected to the dancer arm. A small stepper motor adjusts the tension on the spring in response to the filament squeezing a load cell transducer.

The filament passes down through pulleys to a takeup spool. This takeup spool is driven by a DC motor, generally at a fixed speed. The takeup spool is mounted on a linear slide called the traverse. A second DC motor moves the takeup spool back and forth under the incoming pulley to provide an even distribution of the filament. This unit also comes with a protective cover for ease of transport and storage.

http://www.engineeringbydesign.com/images/pdficon.gifData Sheet – Desktop Respooler
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