Extrusion Puller


Extruded plastic tube can be precisely sized by varying pull speed and extrusion die air pressure. After the profile is formed, it is measured and the speed and pressure automatically adjusted as needed. Good product is then cut to a selected length with the cut located with respect to the profile and again to start the next length. These pullers are typically used with an extruder or other machine that produces plastic layered tubes or solids in various diameters.

Our bump puller combines automatic bump and taper forming with cut-to-length features in a safe system that is easy to set up and adjust See figure). Rejected product is minimized as the process is more-precisely controlled.

By improving the accuracy of all controlled parameters, this machine can increase productivity through reduced rejects and faster processing speeds. The programming is flexible to allow new products to be made with the same machine. With the availability of better technology, product designers are finding they can build better products.

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