Examples of Machines

Examples of Machines

Innovative minds. Inexhaustible visions. Here is how we put them to work for you.

Engineering By Design engineers go beyond the expected by expanding the vision with every product we make, anticipating the needs of our customers and constantly finding better solutions and more efficient answers. We use the smartest engineers and provide the space to think. Here are some of the results of that thinking.

Medical Devices

In the sensitive and crucial area of medical technology, Engineering By Design has been at the forefront in medical device research and development. Engineering By Design has designed machinery for devices used both inside and outside the body. For instance, our coil winders were developed specifically to wind micro coils. Medical coils are usually available in two classes: coils that are left in the body and coils that are part of the catheter used to perform a variety of intravascular tasks. In both cases, Engineering By Design harnesses the latest technologies to stay ahead of the needs of the industry.

Engineering By Design produces a variety of end trimmers used to trim catheter tips into a variety of different configurations. The ends of the catheters can be straight or at multiple angles.

The Collapsible Split Die Heater is used in catheter manufacturer for hot forming braided wire coverings on to plastic tubing with the ability to quickly remove the hot die from the process in the event of process stoppage. Interfaces to automatic control.

During certain stages of thermo-plastic processing, material is extruded through a die while being heated. The device allows the hot air used to heat the material to be safely re-directed during process stoppage or during startup.

Engineering Analysis and Services

Webster defines engineering as the science by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to man in structures, machines and products. And … Webster defines analysis as a detailed examination of anything complex made in order to understand its nature or to determine its essential features.

Together these 2 words define what we do on each project. Listed below are examples of some of the various disciplines that engineering analysis encompasses:

  • Instrument Cooling
  • Stress & Strain
  • Time and Motion Studies
  • Payback Analysis
  • Dynamic Motion – Kinematics/Kinetics
  • Design Reviews
  • Process Development
  • Payback Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Technical Writing

Organization/Project Management

  • Organization Setup
  • Personnel Evaluations
  • Department Review
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Task Review
  • Progress Analysis
  • Project Feasibility

Wafer Handling Equipment

  • Cluster Tool
  • End Effectors
  • Elevator
  • Rotators
  • Motor Unloader
  • Cassette Manipulator
  • Cassette Loader/Unloader
  • Surface Finisher
  • Chemical Washer
  • Laser Marker
  • Handling Arm Life Testing

Disk Drive Industry – Accurate, Versatile, Simplicity of use

Engineering By Design disk drive solutions begin with a thorough understanding of the use repetition, sensitivity of the data and the total engineering of the drive. The same respect with which we approach the medical industry, we apply to the standards for disk drives. Unrelenting testing and superb engineering combine to make these products efficiently and at a cost you will value.

Semiconductor Equipment – how our machines serve the industry

All of our machines are designed to bring new dimensions to the needs of this industry with innovative touches to each of our products.
The Wave Solder Machine is used to flux dip and tin the ends of small axial lead devices. It is microprocessor controlled and capable of a throughput of up to 12,000 units per hour. This particular system is used in the lead frame manufacturing industry. The machine could be used wherever precise handling and cutting of sheet material using a fully automated system is required.

Engineering By Design has also designed test heads to support high-speed testing of complex devices at extreme temperatures. The circuitry contained includes voltage, current and function generation to test the devices while they are in an environmental chamber and the test head is maintained at room temperature. Signal conditioning ensures that the computer test system can get useful data from a relatively long distance.

Nuclear – Extreme accuracy, Great protection, Right to the core

Engineering By Design services the nuclear industry with a range of tools that protect humans by reducing radiation exposure and providing a wide range of options depending on the job at hand. The tools perform with amazing accuracy whether providing repairs or welding parts together. They are accurate in deep water situations or hazardous environments. They provide safety for nuclear materials transport and in high radiation situations.
When state and local officials as well as power utility and plant service providers wanted to transport nuclear fuel, they turned to Engineering By Design. When work needed to be done in an extremely high radiation environment, a reactor core, Engineering By Design provided the robots equipped with welding tools and the job was done without exposing the operator.

Engineering By Design designed its tools for effective nuclear management for the widest range of circumstances. And as new needs arise, Engineering By Design will develop new tools to get the job done.

Energy – Detection, Remote Maintenance, Control Processing

Service across the board.

As reliable as we are in the nuclear, industrial piping and tank industries, we extend that service to the oil and natural gas industries. We provide equipment for non destructive testing like crack detection using imaging. We provide remote maintenance including automated welding, cutting, grinding, etc. We provide process controls including electrical panels, operator interface, etc.

Biotechnology – Interface with excellence

Engineering By Design’s engineering strength has produced a wide range of tools and machines that help the biotech industry. Our products help get the most from materials used, make the parts you make last longer and are low to no maintenance. Whether expanding capabilities or establishing more control, Engineering By Design has the right machine for the right job. Engineering By Design believes in simple designs with a small footprint that saves our customers money and still provide results that exceed their expectations.

When a customer needed automatic functions for placing frits into a DNA synthesizer, Engineering By Design engineered a machine that not only significantly expanded the process capability, it also expanded the number of chemicals that could be mixed in one microliter well from 14 to 70. When a customer needed an intermediate volume solution for filling microplate trays with small to medium frits, Engineering By Design was ready with a machine that could automatically punch frits and put them into the wells of a microplate tray. The machine automatically stops when the tray is full.

The biotech products Engineering By Design provides are designed to save our customers money and perform the functions they need to fulfill their projects. By including design features like adjustability, and matching function to material. Engineering By Design is continuing to build machines and tools that meet the demanding needs of this industry.

  • Microplate Frit Punch / Place
  • Connector Flexer
  • Component Life Tester
  • DNA Synthesizer
  • Sequencer Robot Head Tester

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