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Machine Vision

Machine Vision

At Engineering By Design, integrating Machine Vision with Machine Control systems is nothing new to us. Our fully integrated state-of-the-art systems give us the capability of performing quality control inspection, positioning feedback and measurement data collection.

graphic of automated inspection systemOur systems utilize the Keyence vision system pictured above to maintain ±0.02° angle control during the winding process.

graphic of the MegaCamera ™ In addition to our years of experience with Machine Vision and Machine Control integration, we also have vast experience in packaging state-of-the-art vision components. Pictured at left is the SI3170 MegaCamera™ designed by Engineering By Design for Silicon Imaging. It’s features include a 2056 x 1544 sensor, 3.2 million pixels, 30~500 Frames per second, 12 bit digital sampling, mono or bayer color and a CamerLink Interface.

graphic of the pattern recognition camera mountTwo other examples of packaging solutions engineered by EBD include the Pattern Recognition Camera Mount, pictured at left, and our Underwater Camera, pictured below (underwater housing not shown). Designed to fit into tightly constrained spaces, the Pattern Recognition Camera Mount installs easily inline over existing assembly lines.

graphic of our underwater cameraOur Underwater Camera is not only waterproof to depths of up to 100 feet, it’s specially designed tungsten shielding gives it the capability to perform in high radiation environments. If you have a process that would benefit from the integration of Machine Vision or a Vision solution with special packaging requirements, contact us.

Here is how we put them to work for you

  • Automated Part Screening
  • Wire Angle Detection
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Label Detection
  • Orientation
  • Feature Measurement
  • Part Counting

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Send us your machine vision specification and we will recommend the best solution for your needs. Note that being a premier machine design firm we can also customize your machine to your dream needs. Material Type, Production Rate, Process Configuration,  All you need to do is ask!

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