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As more of Engineering By Design’s projects increase in size, the need to develop specific packaging also increases. This is especially important when machines go through a certification process. Engineering By Design has vast experience with many equipment qualifications and certifications for our customers including CE certification for International use.

Below are a few examples of how Engineering By Design supplies a solution to packaging requirements.

graphic of elecrical panel

This electrical panel is part of a 10-axis motion control system and was designed, assembled and tested according to the requirements of American and International Standards. The panel underwent a CE certification and passed during the first test session. All cables are ground terminated to reduce electrical noise.

The space in this panel was limited. All of the components were designed into the panel with room for proper wire routing and labeling which reduced assembly labor and makes future maintenance easier.

Servo Enclosure

graphic of servo enclosure

Six servo motors are packaged into a small space along with sensitive sensors and operator control electronics. The cross-talk between components and the radiated and conducted emissions was reduced through well-planned shielding and filtering. An EMI enclosure was not needed to obtain the CE mark.

Packaging Options:

  • LAN Transceivers
  • Microwave Power Supplies
  • Industrial Design
  • High Power/Utility Systems
  • Rack Systems
  • CCD Cameras
  • Fluid/Pneumatic Panels
  • Sealed Chambers
  • Cooling
  • Shielding
  • System Interfaces

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