Wave Solder Machine

Wave Solder Machine


The Wave Solder Machine is used to flux dip and tin the ends of small axial lead devices. It is microprocessor controlled and capable of a throughput of up to 12,000 units per hour.


Any application that requires components to be flux dipped and solder coated. This was designed for use with diodes but could easily be used with resistors or other axial-lead devices with leads that contain iron.

Design Highlights:

Uses magnets to levitate diodes from a hopper to a magnetic dip bar. The full dip bar is transferred to the input/output door and an empty dip bar is removed for filling. The finished diodes are deposited into a transport can that sits in a hotwater rinse bath.


Safely performs a hazardous task using caustic flux and molten solder. Runs continuously without stopping for anything other than solder and flux replentishment.

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